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"The Finest Gun in the World"

A Fox Gets the Game

Theodore Roosevelt left office as President of the United States on March 4, 1909. Later that month he embarked on his much publicized excursion to Africa. Prior to his departure, the A.H. Fox Gun Company presented President Roosevelt with an FE grade, 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. The following "letter of thanks" was received from the former president.

My dear Mr. Fox:
The double-barreled shotgun has come, and I really think it is the most beautiful gun I have ever seen. I am exceedingly proud of it. I am almost ashamed to take it to Africa and expose it to the rough usage it will receive. But now that I have it, I could not possibly make up my mind to leave it behind. I am extremely proud that I am to have such a beautiful bit of American workmanship with me.

Sincerely Yours,
Theodore Roosevelt

Later that same year President Roosevelt wrote from Africa (published in Scribner's Magazine) on his new gun:

"I had a Fox No. 12 shotgun: no better gun was ever made."

We at Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company of New Britain, Connecticut are proud to announce our production of the higher grades of the original A.H. Fox 16, 20, 28 and .410 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun. The A.H. Fox Gun is the only completely hand finished high grade double currently manufactured in the United States. Once again these classic double guns are available to the American sportsman. They retain the same superior handling qualities and reliability as their predecessor guns built prior to World War II. The balance, weight, and simplicity of design of the newly manufactured A.H. Fox Guns is unsurpassed.

A glimpse into the history of the A.H. Fox Shotgun reveals that they were manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1905 until the early 1930''s. Guns manufactured in New Britain will have the same hand finish as the early guns produced in Philadelphia. Our manufacturing processes are unequaled in the gun making industry. We have set the highest standards for precision machining and utilize the finest machines available. We have recruited the best tool makers to operate this equipment.

The finishing on A.H. Shotguns is still performed by hand. Polishing, rust bluing, engraving, stock checkering, and fitting are all done manually by master craftsman skilled in the fine art of gunmaking.

The requirement for substantial amounts of precise machining and hand finishing dictate that the newly manufactured A.H. Fox Shotguns will never be available in great quantities. Annual shipments are estimated to be less than one hundred guns. These guns have all the prerequisites necessary to attain their place as American classics and to provide their owners immense satisfaction as excellent investments.

The A.H. Fox Gun

The tradition continues. Today's A.H. Fox Guns are the same excellent value as those purchased by your grandfather. It is a fitting tribute that the first words of acclaim for the newly manufactured A.H. Fox double guns should come from the past. The following appeared in a turn of the century A.H. Fox gun catalog:

"The genuine A.H. Fox Gun is The Finest Gun in the World." No gun ever made equally its simplicity and strength, quality or workmanship. No amount of labor or expense is spared to make it perfect. The best mechanical principles known in gun making have been combined with the finest workmanship and materials obtainable, absolutely regardless of cost. The A.H. Fox Gun has fewer parts in its mechanism than any other double hammerless gun, and these parts are so much larger and stronger, that it is practically impossible to break them, or for the gun to get out of order."

At the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition A. H. Fox Guns won the Gold Medal for the best double shotguns and single trigger



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