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A. H. Fox C. S. M. C. Model 21 A. Galazan Over & Under


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Donald C. Butts

He has done it again. Tony Galazan, the dynamo behind Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company is like the Energizer Bunny. He simply does not stop. He moves from one major firearms accomplishment to another.

For years, he has been building high-quality guns in his factory  in New Britain, Connecticut. He builds many fine side-by-side guns, Model 21’s, A. H. Foxes, his own RBL design – in both standard and small-frame models. In addition, he builds his very high-end Galazan Round Body Side by Side and his ultimate Over/Under the A. Galazan Over & Under. All of these models are American made entirely in house.

A couple of years ago, Tony shocked the fireams industry by designing and building a true hand-detachable sidelock over/under and offering it to initial buyers at a phenomenal price. He still produces that gun, the A-10 American, and though the price has gone up from the initial price, it is still a sensational bargain when compared to the competition from overseas.

Tony now has another over/under for those who were not astute enough to get in on the A-10 at its inception. His new model is the Inverness, and it is a lovely piece of work. It is a round action over/under offered in 20-gauge only and with either 28 or 30-inch barrels. It has the long upper and bottom tangs of the original Scottish Round Action guns and has many features not found on guns in its price category. The bone-and-charcoal color case hardening is beautiful, and the action has fine rose-and-scroll engraving. The rather wide rib is file-cut, and the stock has either a straight grip or a shapely Prince of Wales grip with a metal cap. The barrels are steel-shot ready and are very well struck - no wavy lines. The barrels come with five choke tubes.

This gun is a true trigger plate round action gun. It is a well proven design and should be extremely reliable. It features a single trigger with barrel selection – the most popular combination with today’s shooters. The gun balances beautifully and comes readily to the shoulder. It is a delight to shoot.

If you act quickly and are willing to pre-pay the full amount, you can order one of these superb guns for only $4995. This is like stealing. This is an unbelievable bargain. The price of these guns has to go up – a lot and soon. If you want to gild the lily, you can order the Deluxe Edition for $6995. You will get a coin finish and seriously upgraded engraving as well as more highly figured Turkish Walnut and a leather-covered recoil pad. (If you are a nut about wood, as I am, Tony does offer an excellent selection of upgraded wood at a variety of prices. You can even provide your own wood, but there is a surcharge.) You cannot go wrong with either model, and you will have bargain that you can shoot with pride for many years and then pass down to future generations.

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