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A. H. Fox C. S. M. C. Model 21 A. Galazan Over & Under

Customer Testimonials

This is just a very small sampling of the testimonials we receive.

We are getting ready to make a new video. We would like to include customer testimonials and pictures of our guns in use. Please email or mail us your pictures and testimonials.


The A-10's Lou made me drew praise from laird and loader alike over 2 weeks on moors, shropshire and devon. Many thx
Look forward to meeting you some time.

-David G.


A very effective combination: CSMC RBL .410 and Uma, my 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer.
-Chuck DeVinne


By my definition, a perfect upland gun for the big spaces of the western US.


Russ Dodd


You will be pleased to know that the operation on my M21 O/U Grand American was a complete success. The gun shoots on par with my best ones, including my CSM Fox XE Special, with which I shot my best skeet score this past year.

Jim LeBel


Having just received my CSM Model 21 over/under shotgun I had to write and let you know how happy I am with it.  I have been shooting shotguns since the tender age of 12 and never have I ever held a shotgun that feels as good as this one. I bought the standard grade but you really can't tell by looking at it. This shotgun breathes quality, looks great, and shoots well. I initiated  it on chukar partridge the other day, going 2 for 3, and we're heading to the patterning board today. Thanks again for building the best shotguns in the world, and although it took awhile to get it here, it was definitely well worth the wait!

Sincerely, a satisfied customer of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company,

Scott Gantenbein

Riverton, Wyoming

I used the pair of A10's for the first time 2 weeks ago on driven partridge in Scotland. I am truly pleased to have the pair. 

Walter E. Boomer

General, U.S. Marine Corps


Congratulations to Chuck Devinne for his accomplisments at Orvis and Dover Furnace.

Orvis Sandonna:  9/19-20 2015

America's Cup USA 
HOA 50/50  CSMC 21

Orvis Cup Main 3rd CSMC 21

North American Shotgun Classic Dover Furnace:  9/26-27 2015

Holland and Holland prelim 
HOA 49/50 CSMC 21

Main event prelim 
HOA 84/100 CSMC 21

Main event veteran
HOA 90/100 CSMC 21

Main event runner up
90/100 CSMC 21


Just wanted you to know, that I am so very pleased with the performance of your RBL 20 gauge. I ran the RBL through its paces opening day of Ohio's dove season for the first time, and I can truly say, the RBL handled like a magic wand. A world class SxS!

-Richard Matz



Used the CSMC 21 to win side by side at the Great a Easter. Also won the NH State Sporting Championships in Hooksett, NH overall (k-80)......


The Model 21 is offically part of the Family Folklore - it has served its intended purpose, and then some!

-Paul B.



A-10's doing their job on perdiz in Argentina

John Tomke, former president of Ducks Unlimited and Current President of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico, with daily bag limit in Argentina.

A-10 Rose & Scroll with ducks in Argentina.

2 A-10's doing their jobs on ducks in Argentina.

I have received my Winchester Model 21 from you and I was simply blown away when I opened the carton.  I cannot find a way to adequately say thank you for the work you have done and for the additional requests I made.  I am the third generation to own this nice shotgun and I also have a son and a grandson who will someday inherit it.  It is now an heirloom of the highest quality and one anyone would love to own.

I do not know why these things happen, so I can only be grateful and say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely, and with many blessings,
Father Charles Cason


It's an absolute pleasure to be able to use the finest American made shotguns produced by CSMC. No finer brace was ever delivered to hand than these magnificent shooting sticks. They shoot even better than they look and that's truly saying something. Thanks for your courage and commitment to produce the finest shotguns that offer such great value. My son has already claimed the A-10 once my time has come.  I told him not to worry as I'm taking it with me!!

Thanks again.
-Bob Voydat

You slammed a home run. (Regarding A-10)

-Wayne Sheets, NRA


Wow!  It’s the finest shot gun I have ever seen.  I will cherish it the rest of my life.

  -Jim Porter, President of the NRA


I have had built for me virtually every high grade gun in the world, and I can tell you without question, my A-10s are the guns that I now use exclusively.

-C. Maybury

I just picked up my Model 21 20ga.  I don’t know how you can make a gun of this quality at that price. 
-Mike Trader

A full sidelock O/U and detachable gun of this quality is remarkable at any price.  I bought mine used and paid under $18,000, and I wouldn’t sell it for twice that.

-Larry Coka


Remarkable, remarkable, remarkable. I know it’s a two-barrel gun, but I haven’t used the second barrel yet.  This is my first outing, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

-John Daevid


I’ve been shooting guns my whole life; I’m now 84 years old.  I’ve owned every type of gun there is.     I love my gun, and I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money.  Thank you for the gifts and the way you handled everything regarding this transaction.  I’m going to recommend you to everyone at the gun club.  I have bought $100,000 guns before and have never been treated like this.

-W. Andrews


Dear Sirs:
I received my RBL Launch Edition 20ga today and could not be happier with the appearance and quality. My purchase was made over the phone with just a few Emailed pictures but all the conversation and descriptions were right on point from your sales staff and I would be (probably will be) looking at another one of your fine shotguns in the future.

-Jeffrey Thomas



Tony- Thanks for your continued support of the NSSA World Vintage Shooting Program.  I used my CSMC M-21 this past weekend and won a few medals.  My Model 21 fits like a glove and breaks almost every target I remember to look at.
Thanks to you and your staff of craftsmen for such a fine shotgun.

-Hal M. Hare 



I recently took possession of a new Model 21 O/U (ser. no. 39). This is the base model with standard stock, with the only modification being the length of pull extended a bit.

It was a gamble to purchase a gun of significant cost, sight unseen. My confidence was based solely on shooting my friends RBL and that alone was enough to convince me to place the order in November, 2013. 

While I am sure that you do not have to try hard to sell these guns, I can now say your marketing and sales efforts are understated. This gun exceeds my expectations and handling it with its fine balance and nicely proportioned stock is magnificent. Fit and finish is unmatched.

I am quite delighted with the gun. It currently has a few rounds of skeet down the barrels to confirm everything works. And with 30 days left to our hunting preserve season, I hope to get out in the nice spring weather for some pheasants and location photography.


Russ Dodd


Since receiving my Connecticut shotgun A10 deluxe in 2012, I have gravitated toward shooting it exclusively at clays even though I own several other target shotguns. Much to my dismay, a crack developed in the stock near the trigger guard in November.  I promptly returned it to Connecticut Shotgun in New Britain. After two months it was returned to me with a new butt stock which I believe is prettier than the original 4X stock. This was completed at no charge to me. Now this is an example of excellent customer service. 

After shooting a round of clays, I am happy to report that my favorite over/under still remembers how to break targets.

-Ed Prater, Clemson, S.C.


On a recent South Dakota pheasant hunt, I killed six of the cock pheasants shown with as many shots with my RBL 20 bore. I also ran a 50 straight with it shooting skeet. I'd be pleased if you included this on your testimonial page.

-Thanks, Tony Masino

Tony and Lou, I was just about to bug you about my M 21 O/U, when I was told it was about to ship. It arrived this morning, and exceeded my expectations. I guess I should say it met my expectations since your bar is pretty far above the competition. Won't have a chance to shoot it until next week, but am looking forward to it, and probably use it for the opening of goose season next week. Many thanks for what you are doing for the American shotgunner, and all those who appreciate fine firearms.

- John M. Taylor : Field Editor, Sports Afield

I just returned from a couple of weeks on some of the lovilest grouse moors in the North of England. The late season birds were sizzling. Thank you for the splendid pair of A-10's which performed much better than their owner. The double triggered, Enlgish stocked pair drew a lot of attentuon from lairds and loaders alike for the reliability, handeling, performance and looks. My guns weren't as ornate as some of the titanium Italian models that cost exponentially more, but more than one owner of a pair of London best asked to swap guns with me for a drive or two. For their reaction, I expect you will be hearing from them directly. Thanks for the handsome and workmanlike guns that are a pleasure to shoot and own - Dave Goodman

I just went over the 20,000 round mark with my A-10. I have owned and shot Purdeys, Fabbri's, M-21's, Perazzi's and many others of the worlds best shotguns but have never been as happy or enthused about a shotgun before. Next to my dog it is the most important part of my hunt! Thank-You!!  - John Crowley

My RBLs looking good n the grouse moor, performed flawlessly.
-J. Fitzsimons

Enclosed are some pictures from
Argentina with our A-10's. I thought
you would like to see them. I
shot over 5,000 rounds of 28ga
and my gun performed flawlessly! 

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the Inverness last week and what a spectacular shotgun.  Now I have a real problem.  What do I take to Argentina to shoot duck in July?  The RBL 20 with the assisted opener, The A-10 American 20 gauge, or the Inverness?  All three are just great examples of the CSMC work and dedication to quality for sportsmen.  Luckily I have only three sons and eventually each will get their pick. 

Thanks again for the quality workmanship and this beautiful little shotgun.  I’ll be taking it up to the Campfire Club this weekend.


Thanks for your continued support of the NSSA's World Vintage Shotgun Championships.  Attached is a photo of
medals I won with my CSMC Model 21:  .410 Open Champ, 28 Gauge Open Third, 20 Gauge A-3, 12 Gauge A-2,
High-All-Around Open Third.  Your shotguns are the BEST!   
Hal Hare

A GREAT!! Day in the field. My Inverness performed perfectly.
Thank You for crafting a finely tuned machine.

David Haines
I dropped 18 quail with 18 shots with my 28G RBL on Saturday. Not the first time
Do it often

-Forrest Marshall, Jr.
Past President and Founder of Parker Gun Collectors


I received my Inverness yesterday and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the quality of the gun. The fit and finish is fantastic and the wood is superb. Please pass along to all those who had a hand in its creation how well they did.  It was worth the wait!
I plan on hunting with it this month.
David Haines
Ps The naysayers on the forums are all wrong.

The World Vintage Shotgun Championships held the America's Best Gun Challenge between 12 gauge shooters using L.C. Smiths and shooters using CSMC SxS shotguns.  Team CSMC won for the 2nd year in a row, thanks to the efforts of  Neil Wilkinson, Monty Murphy, and Lou Stallings. 
Thanks again for your ongoing support of this shoot! 
Verty truly,
Hal M. Hare

I have attached two pictures of my 17 y.o. son, Philip R. Trapani, III, using my RBL Launch Edition, 20g, with French Gray finish.  The picture in tight cover was taken on Dec 27, 2013 in Quinton, NJ hunting with Brittany trainer, Steve DelRossi.  Philip shot a 3 bird limit his first time using the gun.  The one with the pheasant was taken Dec 28, 2013 at Primland Resort in Virginia.

When I first showed the RBL to Philip he looked at it with disdain.  Ever since the first time he used it, he has quite seriously referred to it as “his” gun.
Philip R. Trapani, Jr.

Sometimes a pictures speaks louder than words. The gun performed
beautifully, one shot kill at 80 yds. on a running buck. Thanks for your

I don’t use my Parkers anymore since I bought the RBL-28.  There is nothing like it, it is like an extension of me.  I highly recommend the RBLs for anyone that is interested in a fine gun and great shooting.

-Forrest Marshall, Jr.
Past President and Founder of Parker Gun Collectors

First duck taken with my new A-10.

Sometimes a pictures speaks louder than words. The gun performed
beautifully, one shot kill at 80 yds. on a running buck. Thanks for your

Bob Friedheim

I had a good shoot at the Vintage Cup!
I used csmc:RBL .410, 28, 20, 16(borrowed),and csmc mod 21 in main event.
I was very happy to shoot a 48/50 with the rbl .410!!!!
I shot my 1st pheasant of the year with it as well!!! (with 1/2 oz 8s).
Thanks for making these great guns!!!!
Sincerely, Chuck DeVinne


Attached photos are some of the awards I won at the recent NSSA
World Vintage Shotgun Championships with my CSMC M-21.    
Thanks for producing such a great gun! 
Hal M. Hare 

I just got the Inverness I ordered back in January '12.  I shot it today as well and I have to say it was well worth the wait.  I ordered the 3X wood upgrade and it is beyond what I expected.  The guys at skeet were pretty impressed with your work as well.  I suspect I'll be adding another of your fine guns in the future.
Your attention to detail and the quality you put in your work is greatly appreciated.



Received my 410 SXS a few months ago and I’m extremely happy with it.

Have enjoyed shooting it and others have made great comments on the stock and how it handles.

Breaking over 20 at skeet regularly and +65’s at Sporting Clays – better than most others 20 gauge.

Taking it to Cordoba in late October for a Dove Hunt.

Thank the entire team for making an excellent shotgun!




by Don Butts

In addition to his complete line of fine shotguns, Tony Galazan has an extensive collection of shooting clothing, both soft and hard gun cases, fine knives, clothing, books, jewelry and many, many gun accessories and parts. Every gun lover should have his catalog. If you cannot find items you want and/or need, you might be dead.

One sensational value is his set of shooting glasses with thirteen (yes, 13) different colors of lenses. The metal frames are high quality with spring hinges and ball-tipped cable temples. They come packaged in an attractive leatherette box. The clip-on carrying case holds the glasses and two extra sets of lenses. A  two-section soft folding case carries the other ten sets of lenses.

It is enlightening to look through the different color lenses to discover how they work in different light conditions and against different backgrounds. They allow you to improve your visibility under every conceivable condition while, of course, providing essential eye safety.

Most shooting clubs and outfitters will not allow you shoot without eye protection. This set retails for only $115, a tremendous bargain.

You can check it all out Be sure to ask for a copy of the catalog.


Mark Douglas and I teamed up to represent CSMC against 9 L.C. Smith shooters in the America's Best Gun Challenge.

This was a 150 target 12 gauge event consisting of 50 Skeet, 50 Trap, and 50 5-Stand Sporting targets.  We permitted the L.C. Smith group to use their best two scores from each event, and we won in a close race.  Mark anchored our team effort with a fine Trap performance.

-Hal M. Hare

I'd like to thank and commend all Galazan/CSMC employees for their great customer 
service rendered in building, finishing, quality checking, and delivering
my beautiful new Inverness Over and Under shotgun I picked up today! Special
thanks to Lou, Kamil, and Adam for all their efforts in getting the gun to
me in time to put it to good use during upcoming 2013 sporting clay shoots!

Customer service means everything to me and I chose to purchase the
launch edition of your new Inverness for the great value and quality of the gun
as well as the great customer service I have always received in
my dealings with CSMC employees!

Thanks again for your high standards exhibited in your
production of all the fine guns built at CSMC with the
pride and quality of your great employees!

Best regards,

Dave Dorian
Love my new Rose and Scroll A10 more every day.  Looks fantastic, shoots better than I should get credit for, and is solid as a rock.  Thanks for a great job.

Mitch McGlynn


Picked up the Inverness shotgun last week and just wanted you to know that I could not be more pleased with the fit and workmanship of the piece.  Will get a chance to shoot it in competition mid-May -- and hope the quality of my shooting matches the quality of the gun in my hands!   Thanks for "shepherding" the whole of the effort.      S/Fi    Jim Conway

My A-10 is the best fitting, easiest mounting, smoothest pointing, and most accurate  shotgun I've ever had.  It is a pleasure dealing with you.



I bought one of your shotguns 3 years ago. It is an RBL Launch edition 20 ga. I live in Alaska so I have to hunt what is available which is ptarmigan. I love to bird hunt! My brothers think I'm nuts hunting this way with such an expensive shotgun but I do. I told the guys at Cabelas when I bought it that I was going to wear it out shooting ptarmigan. It's a beautiful gun that I can't bear to leave at home. I've put about 1000 rounds through it shooting blue rock and I've shot about 240 real birds. I honestly hope I don't wear it out but if I do I will buy another. Thank you again from an extremely satisfied Alaskan. Don't make fun of my bird dog. He's actually pretty good!
Sincerely, James D Bowker


I am enjoyng my new Inverness.  This CSMC O/U has it all: Form, Fit and Function.  Here's a picture of my Llewellin, Sydney, and the first Woodcock taken with the Inverness over her point.



Here is a photo of my first outing with your RBL .410 in October 2013.
Works just fine on birds as well as clays!
(used Remington 1/2 oz 8s)
Chuck DeVinne




Here are 2 pictures of your Model 21 Grand American in Nicaragua. It could not have function better and everyone was impressed with the quality of workmanship. Thanks Arthur

100+ crows.
Thank you A-10!


Tony: I enjoyed speaking to you and really appreciate the invitation to visit you at the factory. You know how much I enjoy seeing your operation and how these very special Galazan products are crafted.
I hope you enjoy the following pictures of my wonderful Galazan exhibition grade 21 and the birds taken. This gun has never failed me in all the years I have owned it. It fits me like an extension of my hand and eyes thanks to your fitting. It is always a pleasure to do something you love (hunting) with something you love (your guns).
These ducks were taken at Kissimmee River Hunt and Fish...
Best wishes to you and your's for a beautiful Christmas Season and the best of New Years.



Salmon still elusive, but my A-10 is two for two on woodcock. Brendan T. Campbell
Dear sirs and the most accommodating ladies east of the Mississippi.
ML"Mike" Caswell PE reporting from Houston Texas.  I took my new A-10 to URUGUAY.  I shot 2-1/2 cases of shells with absolutely perfect performance.  Thank you for the great work that you do. 

ML"Mike" Caswell PE

Brought my A-10 to Argentina for mixed bag....ducks,perdiz and doves.  Gun operated FLAWLESSLY for around 3k rounds(freakin hammered ducks!). 
Thanks,   Jim


Just back from shooting high volume doves in Argentina. My pair of 28 gauge A-10's performed perfectly - 7000 shots over four days and not a single gun related failure. We held our own against a team of expert shooters, many shooting long barrel, 12 gauge Perrazis. These guns function perfectly, are beautiful and shoot where they look. Everyone was very impressed.

Lovely guns, Tony.

Robert Allen



June 26, 2012

Just a quick note about my RBL, serial number 000XXX...

I've just returned from my fourth dove hunting trip to Bolivia in 5 years. I have taken my 20 gauge with me on each trip, and on each four and a half day trip I have averaged firing 1000 rounds per full day. That's 18,000 rounds right there, and I probably have about 23,000 rounds through the gun in total. One broken ejector spring later, the gun is still in great shape. Thanks for the no charge repair, by the way...

So far the RBL has proven to be the workhorse that I had hoped it would be, and I look forward to receiving the new Inverness O/U that I recently ordered. I'm sure that it will turn out to be another quality offering from a great American gun maker. I'm proud to own this fine gun, and can't wait for the next one.

I have included a few pictures and a short video from the 2012 hunt. I've heard people talk about Argentina, but have never been there. Frankly, I can't imagine that the hunting could possibly be any better than it is in Bolivia....and I can't imagine a better experience than I have had during my stays with Carlos and Olga Olano at their 'La Leyenda Lodge'. If you have a few days and want to get out on a great dove hunt.....GO. And bring your RBL.

Best Regards,

Mike Ohlstein




This was about 80-90 yards with Winchester 20ga. Sabot Slugs Partition bullets, 260 grain, 1800 ft. per second. This is the best gun in the world for boar, deer, buffalfo or anything.
-Ryszard Kanar


From Argentina doves, South Dakota pheasants, and Colorado ducks and geese, the RBL28 has performed flawlessly and is truly one of life’s simple pleasures.  Thanks for such a great American made product that will be passed down to future generations.  Simply perfect.


Bob Voydat


I picked up my Professional RBL last night and am very pleased to tell you that you web site photos do not do this gun justice.  To be frank with you, having been a dealer and owner of fine guns for over 30 years I was worried that I would not be pleased with my gun.  I have paid a great deal more for guns that were not nearly as well made as this one. Your attention to detail is very high.  I am hoping to take it to the range this weekend and hope to harvest several deer with it this Fall. 
Thank you   
Norman C. Swoboda


Hi –

I wanted to send a few photos of me, my setter, and my RBL 20. If I were limited to only one gun to take upland hunting it’d be the RBL getting the nod. Light to carry and quick to point, but balanced to swing. Doesn’t hurt that it looks elegant and is made in the USA  by a company that still values old fashioned customer service.

Can’t wait for my new A-10 to arrive!

Chip Myers



I have just returned from England. I shot Jake's matched pair of 20-gauges A-10's.

They performed flawlessly (unfortunately, I cannot say the same for myself), and they
received a lot of attention from the other guns and the loaders & keepers, all of whom
had heard about them. Some had seen them at the Game Fair, where your representative
had some on display.


The Model 21 (12ga) performed flawlessly in Scotland last week. Shot a LOT of birds.
Pheasant, woodcock, partridge, and ducks went into the bag.

Doug Lewis


The little Fox DE 28ga was absolutely deadly last weekend at Rio Piedra in South Georgia. I had one string of 12 birds dead with the first barrel. These were very wild birds. - William Lewis

October 18, 2011
    I had hunted for many years with an old Stevens 12 ga. SxS with hammers.  I loved that old gun.  In 1997 I was severely injured in a construction accident which left me a quadriplegic.
    When I had recovered enough to hunt again (with the help of friends) I did not have the strength to safely cock and uncock the hammers.  I used an auto-loader, but it just wasn't the same.  I looked at many doubles and checked the internet, but was unable to find a satisfactory gun or one I could afford.
    Then in 2008 I ran across a small add in a magazine I was reading.  I checked out your CSMC web sight and WOW what a place for a guy lonesome for his double to find.  I think I read every page and studied every picture all the while drooling profusely.
    I spoke on the phone with a couple of your people and together we came up with an RBL12 that would work for me.  It finally arrived in September, 2009.  One happy hunter, who's wife was impressed with his choice.
    I have hunted with it now for three seasons and shot trap with it.  I absolutely love it and show it off with great pride.  It will go to a Grandson someday.  I pray however, that won't be for many more seasons.
    The picture attached was taken on a cell phone camera when my wife came out to pick me up at the end of a recent goose hunt near where we live in central North Dakota.  I am sitting in my hay bale blind holding a Canada Goose and my trusty RBL.
            With my utmost respect and thanks for a fine shotgun,
                      Sincerely,  R. K. Kersten


Received my A-10 Rose & Scroll Edition about a month ago. Been shooting doves with it every chance I get. What a beautiful shotgun. Better yet is that it shoots as good as it looks! Never thought that I would be hunting with a true sidelock over and under made right here in the USA.

Thanks Tony and everyone at Connecticut Shotgun.

Ron Mumma

The birds are few and far between,but here is a limit with the new RBL
            Bob Buck


Last month, while admiring my RBL, a friend at our gun club dropped it and jarred the stock loose and damaged the fore end. I sent it in to have it repaired and it was returned yesterday. The repairs were completed in a very timely manner and no one could ever tell that it was ever damaged. Excellent work to say the least and very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Tim Earney

My A-10 arrived some weeks ago and meets all of my expectations and more. It is elegant, beautiful and more importantly, shoots well. I have taken it on two dove hunts and if I can manage to point and swing it correctly, down they come.

-General Walter E. Boomer

To the Gang at Galazan,
Thank you very much for the outstanding A-10 that I ordered.  I have been getting used to it crushing targets as the triggers are just wonderful with no creep.  The balance is much better for me than the 1971 Merkel 30" single trigger gun I sold to be replaced as my Sporting gun.  So far have logged a few hundred rounds thru both sets of barrels, 12/20.  I went to Dover Furnace twice and my home Club three times as I have only had the gun for less than a month.
Again my thanks to the Galazan Team.


The win list:

28g hammerless....csmc rbl
20g hammerless....csmc rbl
12g pre-lim......csmc 21
12g american classics.....csmc 21
Ladies/Gents team.....csmc 21
Northeast Chapter.....csmc 21
Main Event.....csmc 21

It rained a lot, hope you were drier in Atlanta!


I am attaching pictures from a recent afternoon in the field with my RBL Launch 20 gauge. I shot this limit of greater prairie chickens over my English Setter Maggie in the Nebraska hills not far from my home. I own several CSMC shotguns and each is a joy to shoot. I have to say, however, the RBL 20 is fast becoming my "go to gun" for both clays and game. I have taken pheasants, quail, and sharptails, as well as prairie chickens, with it. The birds pictured fell to a total of 3 loads of #6s, including a double. The dog work was wonderful and the gun carried light and responsive. Thanks for superb products that help make great memories.
Dan Slawski


My pup Tess,my RBL 20 and their first limit of snipe
 After several years of having my RBL I still feel the same pride of ownership that I had the day it arrived.
 Great company and a great product.
                             Dave B


Best of luck in England...its about time CSM got recognized over there. For the Gallery, attached are 1) a photo of me and a ruffed grouse I shot with my RBL-28, October 2010 in Wisconsin, and 2) the RBL28 and my first bobwhite double shot with it in Texas. The gun just came up by itself, and I was on both birds in a flash. It is a beautiful, magical "stick," and I'm so glad I have one.

Phil Marshall


This is a days hunt in northern MN.
The rbl 20 is a great gun.
Mark Hinkle


I recently shot my CSMC M-21 and RBL at the Powder Creek Vintage Classic in Kansas City, Kansas and had some luck in the following catagories.  The guns performed flawlessly--but the operator still needs some practice.
12 Gauge Skeet-1st Place
16 Gauge Skeet-1st Place
20 Gauge Skeet-1st Place
28 Gauge Skeet-3rd Place
410 Bore Skeet-1st Place
20 Gauge Trap/Skeet/5 Stand-HAA Champ  
16 Gauge Trap/Skeet/5 Stand-HAA Champ
12 Gauge Trap/Skeet/5 Stand-HAA Champ
Vintage Classic HAA Champ
Hal Hare
Columbus, Ohio


My A-10 arrived Saturday and we gave it a good workout over the weekend. It's great!  Several other shooters were included in the testing including two current A-10 owners.  We jury was unanimous.  We all loved it.

Thanks for a great job,

Tom Mathias


Thank you for everything you have done to create an American masterpiece. The guns beauty, fit and finish is only exceeded by its shooting performance. It is truly a classic, produced by the finest gun manufacturer in our country.


John F. Droney

Hank Sapoznik, Chuck DeVinne, Peter DeVinne, and  a busy Rbl 20 with pheasants and chukers.


Won the New Hampshire State Sporting side by side event 6/5/11...
of course, with your great CSMC mod 21.
Chuck DeVinne

Greetings from the Central Coast of California, where the boars are plenty.

Attached a picture of Greg with his latest addition to the Martin Family freezer. Taken with “The Professional”, a 20 gauge double rifle from Galazan. One shot with deadly accuracy from over 120 yards!


The A 10 arrived a few days before I was to leave for the Bering Sea on this final leg of my waterfowl collection journey.  I shot the gun about 150 times at a local Sporting Course, patterned some 3" Kent TM ammo and left with great hopes.  I arrived on the Island a day early and had the opportunity to hunt the next morning.  After impassable roads, flat tires on 4 wheelers and a 4 1/2 mile walk in waders I arrived on the point we were to shoot from.  We had 30 to 40 MPH wind but moderate 25 degree temperatures.  Birds were already moving so I pulled the A 10 from it's case grabbed my gunning  bag and got closer to the surf than any sane person should.  I took two very long shots and missed. Followed by two more long misses.   I then thought I should get some ammo from my bag as I only had 10 shells in my pocket and four of them were already gone.  As I was getting a box of shells from my bag with both the cover and the waterproof zippers open, a wave hit the rock that I was on and I was about to get very wet.  I held the A 10 as high as I could and let the gunning bag stay behind me and open.  The bag and both cameras may never be the same but the gun came through that first wave just fine.  Another oppurtunity followed on a single King Eider and I managed to hit that one.  I had my first King Eider and a bonus.  The bird was banded.  The first ever taken on the Island.  I'm waiting on some further info but there have been far less than 100 banded Kings ever taken since banding started in the 1950's.  I went on to take another King and two Harlequin Ducks with the A 10.

The A 10 is a beautiful gun that performed flawlessly in some of the harshest gunning conditions imaginable. Snow, ice, rain, winds to 50 MPH and 20 foot surf.  The A 10 fired every time I pulled the trigger and the ejectors functioned without issue.

Thank you again for the opportunity to take such a magnificent firearm on this journey to complete my North American Waterfowl Collection.

Dennis Abrams


I received my Model 21 back from you guys, to which you fit the 2nd set of skeet barrels.  I am VERY happy with the work you did!  Both sets of barrels now fit perfectly, and with the new hinge pin and lug, it feels like a brand new gun. And, with the unexpected surprise of the factory renumbering on the skeet barrels, I now have a "true" two-barrel set! 

I was a little apprehensive about sending the gun across the country to have this work done.  Poor work on a good gun is a bad deal at any price.  The work you guys did is worth every dollar I paid, and then some. 
Thanks very much.   

Chad Potter


While I normally shoot International Skeet, I do cross over to Olympic Trap whenever possible.  I am pleased to report that I won the Gold Medal this past weekend at the USA Shooting US Olympic Trap Championships held in Cincinnati. I was using your BR 320 Rizzini model with the adj rib and comb.  I broke a score of 112 out of 125 targets over the two day tournament.  The high rib allows for an upright head, more natural gun mount permitting wider downrange vision, and less fatigue. 
Hal Hare


I just received my A10 12 ga. 32". I have never seen a more beautiful gun! The fit and finish,wood to metal ,equal or surpass anything I have seen previously. This shotgun is clearly undervalued on todays market, and could easily justify thousands more. Thank you so much,especially to Carol who helped me with the whole process of getting it here. I can't wait for my two barrel set of 20/28 to arrive on the baby frame.

Jack Steenson
I received my A10 a few days ago after a year and a half wait....I have to say, the gun was worth the wait. I own a number of fine guns, but this A10 rivals even the bespoke guns I have in my collection.
Congratulations on a very fine job.
Darren Barbacci

Quail hunting in Monterey CA
Monterey bay in background
Thanks for building a great gun!
John J Andico


The RBL on a recent goose hunt with Colonel Oliver North. - Eddie Briggs

I have an RBL 32" 12. Wonderful gun with awesome handling.  Trulock chokes are the best!!!  Shoot box birds (pigeons) with it as well as pheasants and geese. Never had a better shotgun in my hands.


Eddie J Briggs

Attached are some photos from a late season pheasant hunt in central Kansas.  My RBL is on the left and Steve Clark's is on the right.  As you can see they shot well.  We are both very happy with our guns.  The back drop is a limestone fence post from the early settler days when there were no trees on the Kansas prarie.  A lot of work to hand cut and set, they weigh well over a hundred pounds.  If you can use the photos feel free to do so.  I look forward to getting my A-10 this fall.  I may be in the Boston area in May.  If so I will try to arrange a trip down to see the CSMC operation.  Thanks.

Bob Carl


Just wanted to let you know the 28ga RBL Reserve that I bought last summer got a hell of a workout this fall! Shot everyday from October 1 - January 1 without a hiccup...truly amazing job you guys have done!

Daren Erickson


Just a note of gratitude on the stellar customer service I have received.

While at the Southern Side X Side Fall Shoot a few months ago, I found a beautiful, slightly used C.S.M.C. Fox CE grade in 20 bore, that I just couldn't live without.  At this shoot I had the privilege to meet Lou, talk guns and share a few cigars.   Since the shoot I have run 500 rounds through the gun every week.   I experienced a few minor issues i.e. difficulty in breakdown, forearm loosening and top lever returning to close.  I discussed this with Lou, he asked that I ship it to you.  This was just before Christmas, and  I was expecting a 6mo. turnaround ... like all of my other guns take for service!  I was pleasantly surprised to have the gun back in my hand yesterday 5-January.  The gun is as good as new, and I couldn't be more pleased.  Soon I will be stepping up to purchase another bespoke shotgun, and I assure you that it will be from C.S.M.C.!
Bravo, and have a profitable New Year.
Warm Regards,
Kevin R. Foxwell


The nameplate arrived this morning by UPS just as you promised. I really appreciate your help in getting this done so quickly. You must be working for a great company there as such service in Northern Virginia has become quite rare! :(
You are indeed a tribute to Connecticut Shotgun! No doubt they already know that... Thanks again for being so nice.
Merry Christmas / Happy New Year 2011!

Jim Reid


Thanks for the shotgun. I shoot trap on Wed. Nights and broke 40 out of 50 from 16 yds. the 1st time out! I LOVE this gun.


Richard Wheelright, Jr.

On Sunday 5Dec, I ordered a leather cleaning mat to gift to my husband on our 3rd wedding anniversary (11Dec). I included a note in my electronic order stressing urgency due to Saturday being "the day".  On Wednesday....IT WAS DELIVERED! You even took the time to ensure my order and wishes for a quick delivery were honored by including your own message on the order form that read "MUST SHIP TODAY, CUSTOMER MUST HAVE BEFORE SATURDAY".

All I have to say is THANK YOU! Thank you for thinking enough of ME and my situation! This is a PERFECT GIFT which I saw in your catalog that Bill received in the mail on Saturday. Now I can get my "towels" and "pillow cases" back...hahaha.

Thank you so very very much!

Bill has already picked out which gun he guessed it.....A-10.

Please express my deepest gratitude to ALL of the individuals involved in processing my order with accuracy and efficiency!  All I can say is AWESOME!

Thank you for the gift certificate as well...

Take care.

Janice Uptergrove
Broadway NC

The RBL Professional I bought from you has been hunted for its first time and attached is the result of a 50 yard shot in the OHIO late slug gun season. Thanks, the gun is more than I could have hoped for. Be sure to show the picture to the gentleman who regulated the Professionals, he was very helpful to me when I called.
Blessings to you all and may you experience Joy in the Lord this

David S. Herr

This morning Edward shot a few ducks with the RBL. Picture attached. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
Ed Blake

Here are a couple of photographs from a late October hunt in Western NY. Once again the RBL is performing up to snuff. It was quite a wise thing to offer them with 2 barrels though…

John Osadnick

I just took delivery of my Deluxe A-10 12/20 two-barrel set w/ exhibition wood, SN A10-000525. It is truly a work of art, and I'm very pleased!
-Rob Trimble

I couldn't be happier with the A10's! I just finished up 3 days of driven partridge in Devon UK, put about 300 rounds through each gun, and they are really great. I received a lot of compliments from the locals, who are used to handling the English bests.

Jack Weidinger

Just thought I would send you guys this photo of my RBL 16 after a nice morning  of California Valley quail hunting near my home. What a great gun! Got a double that morning!
John Andico


2010 New England Championships

The CSMC mod 21 comes through, 50 of 50 in the side by side event!
Everything working perfectly.  Thanks for making such a great gun.  
sincerely, Chuck DeVinne


A-10 American on maiden voyage, shot a double on turkeys


These 17 quail were the result of a morning’s hunt with my Boykin, Abigail. Her picture is artfully engraved under the receiver.
I’ve hunted quail and pheasant with this little 28ga Fox many times and it continues to amaze me how instinctively it shoots.
Darn near magic!
It is a pleasure to shoot and to admire. Its beauty still stuns me every time I slide it out of its case.
I originally questioned the IC/MOD fixed chokes, but now wouldn’t order a bird gun with anything else.

Doug Lewis


Had another fine year with the RBL Launch edition. Here are a few pictures I took during the season. This has been the best shotgun I have ever owned, and I hate to think of the number of guns I have used to hunt birds with!

John Osadnick


RBL's being used around the world


My RBL’s arrived yesterday in fine shape and I had a chance to shoot a couple quick rounds with them last night. I have to tell you that the web pictures from which I ordered them don’t do the real thing justice. They look even much better than I expected – especially the 20 ga.! You all, CSMC, sure find some outstanding looking wood. I can’t say I shot them worth a darn; however, I’m sure that’s not the guns’ fault. I’ll let you know more once I have a chance to give them a decent shakedown. For now I just wanted to let you know I received them and to Thank You! for your work and great service.

Best Regards,

Bill Matthaei


I jumped 16 birds and got them all of them with 20 shells which means I had to use the second barrel only 4 times. I love the gun. I have been shooting small gauge Parkers and Foxes since 1959 and this gun is lighter, faster, and comes up better than either of them. You can use this testament anytime with my name attached. By the way I am 74 years old. 

Forrest Marshall, Father of the Parker Gun Collectors Association


My RBL 20 has been just great the
last two years , and is as reliable as ever.

John Fetzer


CSMC Trophies and Awards
Click here to see the numerous awards presented to Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.

New RBL Works great as you can see from pic. It just crushes birds if you on on them.
- Robert Bly

I shot this monster 180 pound 8 point buck. 
Long shot, one shot, dead. 
Thank you - Lukas


 Dear staff at CSMC,          September 29, 2009

I have just returned from the 2009 Vintage Cup side by side championships held at Pintail Point shooting grounds in Maryland.  I had  some success in the various gauge and configuration competitions using guns manufactured by Connecticut Shotgun.  The 28g. and 20g. RBLs performed flawlessly, allowing for high over all wins in the 28g. Hammerless and the 20g. Hammerless categories.  The CSMC model 21 performed beautifully as well, providing high over all wins in American Makers, Preliminary, and Senior Champion in the main event. The handling qualities, mechanical functioning, and shot patterning of these guns were absolutely terrific.  I have confidence that these guns will  continue to provide superior performance for my bird hunting and clay shooting.  Chuck DeVinne

I am pleased to report that I shot my favorite shotgun, a CSMC M-21 at the recent World International Championships in Tulsa.  While I was the only competitor using a SxS shotgun, I felt I was competitive posting a score of 170x200 at this most difficult clay target game and winning the Gold Medal in the Senior concurrent catagory.

-Hal Hare

I just wanted to send you a note and say THANK YOU!  After recieving my RBL 16 gauge I can say it is one of the most beautiful weapons that I have ever seen.  From the magnificent workmanship tot he balance of the weapon along with the quality of the wood, it is truly a piece of art.   It is truly an honor to be able to say that it is made in America let alone in New Britian Conn.  Keep up the fantastic work and my CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FOR A MAGNIFICENT JOB WELL DONE I look forward to being able to order another fine weapon from you.  WOW

 SIncerely Burt Seifel

Thank you once again for building such a nice shotgun at a price that I can afford.  My RBL 16 is more than I had hoped for.  The fit, finish, and handling of this gun depicts your commitment to quality in every respect. I can only say that I would highly recommend CSMC to everyone I meet in the shotgun world I live in. I travel the eastern half of the country every year shooting skeet, sporting and vintage shoots of all types.  Please rest assured that I will be a strong advocate of CSMC due to your diligence in providing QUALITY American-made firearms. I will try to save some money in order to purchase another fine gun manufactured by CSMC.

Thanks again,
Daniel L. Moore

Got my new RBL 16 Ga yesterday. Here are some pictures of what it does best.. It was a good day in the uplands today, I hope it can keep up as I have not missed a bird with it yet. Gun handles  like a dream, shoots where it is pointed,  and the right  weight to be tromping up  and  down the hillls all day.




Galazan Folks,


I just picked up the RBL 12 I ordered from you a couple of months  ago...WOW! Great work! I have to admit I did not expect as beautifully  figured a piece of wood as came in this package. The workmanship is simply shooting will in no way match what this shotgun can assuredly do, but it will make me look better (nothing can make me look "good") trying. Once again thank you for the care and effort you put into crafting this shotgun. You have one very happy customer as a result of your  efforts.

 Harold Sharp


Simply put, it is the single best value in SxS guns on the market today. A close second would be a Parker Repro. However given the the Parker Repros are RIP, the CSMC, RBL is it.

Their gun is an excellent shooter and is very durable. I have just returned from Bolivia where I shot just over 3K rounds through my RBL 28 without re-lubricating, cleaning, or otherwise. "ZERO" problems to report!

Want a great looking 28 SxS with enough options available to make the gun almost "custom", get a CSMC RBL 28....

...Also, if you want one a bit fancier, CSMC will do that too....Take a look at their gallery guns.

Jeff Wemmer


CSM Personnel, 
While stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska from 2000-2007, two good friends of mine ordered RBLs on what was called a “Limited Edition Run”.  I was immediately interested because I love side-by-sides, these gentlemen knew their way around side-by-sides and they both have a fine shotgun collection.  When their guns finally came in, I got to shoot the RBL. I was very impressed as it shot exactly how it looked—BEAUTIFUL.  We were about to leave Alaska and I could not at that time invest in an RBL or any new gun.  This was disappointing because the RBL was advertised as a very limited edition.  The run would end and I’d be shut out. 

When the Air Force moved me to Colorado Springs in 2007, I was turning 50 years old and about to retire.  My wife was looking for me, a combined gift and of course a side-by-side shotgun was my number one “wish”. My friends in Alaska informed us the RBL “run” was extended, still available and encouraged me to go with it for several reasons:  they were very satisfied with their RBLs, it was made in the USA, they knew I loved side-by-sides, and the price was affordable.

I called you folks and placed my order—one of the best moves I’ve ever made. I received my RBL in April 2008, and immediately took it out to shoot.  Once I got the feel of it at the range, and later in the field hunting quail and pheasant, it is now my favorite gun.  I’m 5 ft 7 in with shorter arms, so I did have to make LOP 13 5/8.  I hated to have to shorten that beautiful stock, but when I did, my 20 ga RBL seemed to point itself and I was hitting birds hard and often. I have now shot numerous “straights” in skeet with my RBL.  To me, the RBL is classical and traditional looking yet not fancy. It superbly performs its’ designed purpose enabling me to fold game and smoke clays. I frequently call my friends in Alaska and more often than not, the subject of conversation is the RBL.

Also, I’m very satisfied with the service as I’ve called back to you folks several times with questions in preventive maintenance/“dos and don’ts” additional chokes, etc, and your customer service personnel are always very friendly.  They patiently answered my questions—probably the same questions they must field hundreds of times per week. I appreciate that very much.

I’m retired now with my budget set.  However, My Alaskan friend has made his order for the 16 ga RBL.  The last time I followed his lead, I got one classic shotgun, and that 16 ga is now very appealing.

CSM—as a retired US Air Force SNCO in Colorado Springs, with a strict budget, that loves quality side-by-sides, thanks for the affordable and fine shotgun. I appeal to you to keep building and supporting the RBLs so I can purchase that 16 ga when the time comes.  More coming I’m sure. 


Henry Martin, SMSgt, USAF (Retired) Colorado Springs, CO
Satisfied Customer

I won the New Hampshire State Trap doubles championship  June 12, 2009 in class AA using the CSMC 21...  there were a lot of comments, stares, and quite a few fellows handled and shot the gun later on.. I do not think that a trap title has been won in NH with a side by side in many years.  (this was the only trap event I shot this year, and the first time I had the 21 out to shoot since the vintage cup last fall).
Thanks for the playing cards and of course....the GREAT GUN!
Sincerely, Chuck DeVinne


I wish to complement Connecticut Shotgun on their new RBL.  The RBL is comfortable to carry all day through my New Hampshire grouse coverts, elegant enough to turn heads in the Thomasville, Georgia quail wagon.  This quality with the dependability for a week of 1000 shell days dove shooting in Uruguay without a hic-cup is to be commended. What a pleasure to have an American shotgun performing like the shotguns made here over the past century, all for such a reasonable price.
Ivan L. Mahoney III

I picked up the RBL 20 at Ten Mile River yesterday. Its a beautiful gun - thank you. I tried it out on the 5-Stand course and it shoots great.

 Thanks again for your help.


Dennis Schaney

Received my ordered Model 21 from you earlier this week.  Am very happy with it.  Nice job.  Very much appreciate your attention to detail. 
Please pass along a thank you from me to the craftsmen and women who worked on my Model 21.  It should be a gun I can shoot for the rest of my life. 

 Best to you and all the folks at CSMC.

 Tim Wolf

I received my 16ga RBL a few days ago and could not be more pleased.   What a nice shotgun.  Looking forward to your future offerings.

 Best regards,

 Erik Warren

I picked up my new 12 Ga. RBL last night at Millers In Delaware and Bob Miller called the boys behind the counters to, " take a look at a really fine looking gun that Bob just bought from CSM. " Wow , did you folks do a great job. The feel and fit are perfect and the wood is a sight to behold.

I am so pleased that I ordered the upgraded case which just sets the whole thing off so nicely........ everybody in the shop wanted to see it and we stayed after closing doing the paperwork and admiring the gun , case and combined package.

-Robert N. Tropp, Jr.

Just received my RBL-12 yesterday.  Ooohh my!

Thanks, Lamar Sandburg

This is just a note to say I took a RBL 20 and a 28 down to Argentina. We shot over 1000 shells through both guns and they performed very well.

I enjoyed them immensely.

-Jay Trees

RBL16 wins Northeast SxS event right out of the box.

Michael Graham of Salem, NY received his RBL16 just a few short days before the Northeast SxS this past weekend in Friendsville, PA.  Not being at all familiar with the gun he decided to bring it along and enter it in the 16ga. Hunter Clays Event, an extremely challenging course.  Mike states that during the event the gun felt like it already knew how to break clays, he just had to call the bird and pull the trigger; he knew he was going to have a good run.  Incredibly, he won the event breaking 45 of 50 birds with his new out of the box and unfired RBL16!  Congratulations are in order for Mike and his RBL16, and in case you were wondering his RBL16 is not for sale at any price.


19 1/2 lbs. May 12, 2009

Maiden Voyage with RBL-12

Thank you very much!

The RBL performed without a hitch and was absolutely magic in downing these birds. The fast and wild flushes made the RBL’s quick handling characteristics very valuable. The gun’s beauty was greatly admired by all.

Doug Lewis

I received my 16 Gauge RBL the day of the 16 Gauge World Vintage Tournament and I only had a chance for a quick test fire to confirm the barrel selector position of my single trigger--then off to the tournament. 

I am pleased to report the 'MATCHLESS' performance of my RBL-- as evidenced by the Open Gold Medal that I won.  Your RBL is a fantastic value for the money. 

My thanks to Tony and his staff.

Hal M. Hare

NSSA All-American Shooter

2009 Southern Side by Side

28 Ga. American Classics - High Overall - RBL

12 Ga. Main Event - Tied 2nd - CSMC Model 21

Thanks for the support!  -Chuck DeVinne

While many have tried to create with machinery, few have succeeded. The RBL's may be the crowning exception.

...the final fitting and detailing are done by master gunmakers.

Externally the lines, engraving, fit and finish are extremely fine, easily bringing to mind the quality of many of the grand vintage double guns of the past. The finish on the wood is simply perfect.

...over an extreme variety of shooting the RBL proved itself very easy to hit with.

-Ross Seyfried
Professional Writer, Hunting Guide and Field Correspondant for the NRA

I just returned from a trip to Bolivia to shoot early doves, my RBL worked well under heavy fire, probably over 3,000 shells in a week.  Of note, I purchased this RBL this RBL used on the second hand market, and was not some specially made-up gun for a magazine article.
– Clair Kofoed
Shooting Sportsman

Beauty, fine craftsmanship and lovely handling, all at a terrific value, the RBL is one of the great achievements in American gun making.

- Jim Carmichel, Shooting Editor, Outdoor Life (30+ years)

“Tony Galazan’s RBL incorporates tradition and modern manufacturing to make a shotgun that is packed with features found on shotguns at several times the price.  The fit and finish are superb, but even better, this shotgun swings and shoots like the top-of-the-line shotgun it is.”
 - John M. Taylor
Field Editor
Sports Afield
I had the pleasure of shooting my best svore with your RBL 20 ga.    Thank you once again for your strong support of the shooting sports.  I am

Sincerely yours,

Dane P. Nash

“I said I don’t want to sound gushy, but it would be a fair question to ask if I’m impressed with the RBL.  Answer: Unh-huh.  Big time.”
- Michael McIntosh
Renowned Author & Sportsman
The RBL Launch Edition is a landmark of modern American gunmaking.
 – Bruce Buck
 Shooting Sportsman
The superior quality and functionality of this shotgun make it an excellent value.  Surely, my RBL will become a family heirloom.  I look forward to purchasing another shotgun from CT Shotgun Mfg.  It has features not normally found in a shotgun at this price.
– Steve Lefebrve
The RBL has excellent fit and finish, perfect balance, and has quickly become my favorite gun to shoot.  This American made gun will surely go down in history as a classic.
Wayne Fisler
“It’s not a gun but a precision instrument.”

Out of the case I shot a double on woodcock, something I normally don’t do.  The RBL is everything and more than was advertised by the CSMC.  It is a beautiful, well proportioned, well made American shotgun.  Great Job!! – Richard Claxton

“Not made in some foreign country but made right here in the USA.”

The RBL 20 bore produced by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. is a tribute and a reflection of knowledge of double guns, manufacturing techniques, and quality expressed by its craftsman and owner Tony Galazan.  I am proud to say that I am the owner of one of these fabulous guns.
– Allan Swanson

“Proportionately correct, slender and lightweight.” A crowd quickly gathered around my RBL when I went to pick it up at the local gunshop, everyone couldn’t believe that this gun was less than $10,000!
– Fred Tramotola
“Demand will be much greater than supply.”  “The RBL-28 is the sweetest gun you will ever own.”
- Anthony J. Chimblo III
“Now I know why American products set the worlds standard.”
- Michael Luzich
“For my money, it is the best value in its price range by a wide margin.  My only regret with the RBL is I did not order two of them.”
- Steve Wilson
 “It’s not a gun, it’s a magic wand.”

Came in 2nd at Vintager's.
Again, thanks for the great guns!

-Chuck DeVinne


“This will be handed down from generation to generation.”

“I put just over one hundred boxes (2500 rounds) of ammunition through the RBL while in Uruguay.  It functioned without flaw the whole time.”
Tracy Walsh

“A gun of this quality is usually several times more”

It has many of the attributes of a fine gun for a very modest price.  It seems to me to be a complete gun system for all types of shooting as one could find.  The workmanship is excellent; the gun looks great, and has fine Balance.
– Bryant Barnard

“CT Shotgun making a gun of this quality, at this price is like Rolls Royce making a car that anyone can afford.”

 “I entered the 20 Gauge World Championships and smashed all but two targets to win the Open Bronze Medal.  There is no gun like it on the market!  The Galazan RBL represents a true, best gun value for the S x S enthusiast.”
- Hal M. Hare
NSSA All-American


My CSMC RBL has performed beautifully right out of the box.  During dog training in the spring, I have put down several quail at extraordinary ranges...a testament to the terrific patterns this gun throws.  At a recent Ruffed Grouse tournament, my RBL 20 bore prevailed for a high score against a field of mostly 12 gauge sporting clays guns.
– Chuck DeVinne

The CSMC RBL is the epitome of the classic Grouse gun. It is lightweight yet suberbly balanced in an ideal gauge for Grouse and Woodcock. In my line of work, professioanl upland guide, I see alot of shotguns...the RBL stands out among the best. I'm proud to own the RBL Launch Edition and look forward to receiving my new 28 gauge RBL. An American made upland double with the form, fit & function to rival shotguns costing thousands more. So many have tried and failed...congratulations to Connecticut Shotgun for taking on a tremendous challenge and succeeding.
-O.J. Chartrand Jr.
Thank you so very much for creating the RBL shotgun. You have made this old southern bird hunter so happy. My heart is so excited! I have drooled over it as I did over all the guns in your showroom when I was there. It thrills me beyond description to own an American side by side of this quality. You have created something uniquallyAmerican with the absolute finest of craftsmanship and materials. Please accept my deepest and warmest gratitude.
-Garland Basford

Just wanted to let you know that I’m truly enjoying my new RBL. My Grandfather is likely rolling in his grave because the old 16 double he handed down rarely makes it out of the gun safe any more.

-Kevin L. Friddle

“A Masterpiece”

I’ve been an admirer of your work as long as you have been in business. Thank you for producing the RBL so I could finally afford a Galazan gun. I recently received my 20 gauge RBL and I’m very pleased. Maybe it is because mine was near the end of production but the wood on my gun is outstanding. Can’t imagine that an upgrade would have been more beautiful. I’m having a great time shooting it. I will be shooting it in the RBL Challenge at the Northeast S x S Classic

-Dick Mider

You can certainly be proud of your craftsmen, and this particular shotgun is about as perfect as human hands can make it. I am more than satisfied, I am delight.

Thank you for standing behind your product, and the high quality of this finished shotgun.

-David P. Bookman

I just got back from four days of dove shooting in Bolivia . Over the four days, I shot an average of 850 shells per day. The RBL performed flawlessly.

-Mike Ohlstein

Concerning the RBL 20ga!!! Looks good, fits good, works good, is good. I am enjoying it very much and waiting for the fall hunting season.

-Charles Brenner, Jr.

I’ve been around guns all my life and was thrilled to expand my knowledge and appreciation for this special art form. Your guns are true works of art. That gun will remind me of the craftsmanship, attention to detail and old school quality I witnessed at your facility.

-Charlie Coon

I just received my RBL-28 today and I could not be happier!  The gun is absolutely stunning.  I knew it would be nice but this is incredible.  Please pass on my thanks to the fine dedicated craftsmen and women who built this gun.  The wait was certainly worth it.  Again, thanks to all and with any luck I will be ordering one of the new RBL's.  I can't decide on which gauge.

 -Michail Kukawica

Received my RBL Launch shotgun. It is a masterpiece.

-Dennis Tatum

I had to comment on the shotgun. I could hardly be more pleased. The exhibition grade Turkish walnut I ordered turned out great! I shot the gun over the weekend. I was amazed when I broke pretty much everything. What a sweetheart this little gun is. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful gun at what has to be a bargain of the century. This little gun will never leave my side until the grandkids fight over it when I am dead and gone.  I have many other more expensive guns, but this gun goes into the inner circle.

-James B. McClellan

Received the RBL 20 at 3pm and by 4:15 I was at the skeet range. 96 x 100 shooting low gun skeet 24—25—23—24.  What a terrific shooting gun. Thank you for a great deal. Can’t wait for my 28 RBL!!!

-Bill Davis

Connecticut Shotgun went above and beyond my expectations. This is truly GREAT customer service!  I shoot in two different sporting clay leagues and everybody is “drooling” over my RBL.  The only problem I have now is whether or not I should take it out in the grouse woods and pheasant fields...for fear of scratching it!!  I absolutely love it!!!

-Bill Nettleton

This gun exceeded my expectations. What impressed me most was the balance, finish and general feel of the gun, and great value at this price. I look forward to putting it to some serious use.

-Michael Henry, N. Ireland

Your RBL 20 ga. performed flawlessly in Argentina this past the photos show. I can't wait to get the 28ga., which will jpin the 20ga. on the next trip.
-Ed Davison
I have an RBL Launch Edition and love it. Recently, I purchased a pair of Dewings Prestige Limited thinking that they would be of similar quality given the similar price point. Boy, was I ever wrong and I'm sending them back. The RBL shines head and shoulders above the Dewings offering...
-Zach Kilpatrick
Hunted this weekend at Rio Piedra this weekend. Used the 20ga Fox on Saturday and the 28ga on Sunday.

The second to the last bird I shot on Sunday  was a single. The bird flushed to my side. I got a few feathers with the right barrel and killed the bird dead in the air with the left. It looked like a really long shot so I asked the guide to walk off the distance.

He stepped it off at 42 yards!

I was shooting Remington STS 28ga #8.

Both guns handled extremely well and received compliments.

Doug Lewis
Thank You.

The shotgun is a thing of beauty. Kudos to your craftsmen.

-Alden Pierce

It was a wonderful treat for me to receive my refurbished Winchester Model 21 shotgun back from you. A birthday to my father on his 21st birthday, it is 74 years old this year. In frequent une in each of those years, it deserved a full mechanical tune-up as well as cosmetic repairs.

Today my gun looks better than new. Nicks and dents in the wood and in the metal have disappeared. The refinished stock fairly glows. The blueing is perfect. The action is as tight as when it first left the factory. The new leather case is great, and will last much longer in its protective canvas cover. Your craftsmanship is so rare today.
My father would be so pleased.
Many thanks.

-James H. Grove, Jr.

I was able to get out on the last day of dove season September 15 and shot a limit of dove with my new 28 gauge.  Looks beautiful and shoots very nice. I will be taking it out again next weekend for some Grouse hunting near Flagstaff AZ.  Hope to send you a pictue if I have some luck.


Thanks. Was able to shoot the RBL Launch Edition this weekend and it performed superbly...what a great gun!

-Jerry L. Wood

Picked up my new 28 bore this morning at Ivory Beads in Covina, CA. I then went to the Prado Olympic Shooting Facility to try it out by shooting a few rounds of skeet. I must say I was not the least bit impressed with how this gun handled. I WAS IMPRESSED BEYOND WORDS as was everyone else who saw the gun. IT IS A GREAT SHOOTING SHOTGUN!!! My first round was good, my second round I was straight until low house 8, which I amazingly missed, over confidence I guess. Twenty four out of twenty five ain't bad with a new gun. The guin is finished beautifully the blueing sparkles and it is truly an improvement over the RBL 20, which I also own and regard highly as well.


Robet "Steve" Swanson

I picked up my RBL-28 in the French Grey and it looks great with my original 20 gauge RBL in that same configuration. Thank you for making this possible.  While I have obtained quite a few doubles over the years, these are my highest 2 investments and the only ones I have ever custom ordered. Thanks for the outstanding service and the quality of workmanship that will afford me the pride of ownership for the rest of my life and ultimately my future Great Grandson's. You folks are the best.

-David A. Ethington

I just wanted to let you both know how pleased I am with the shotgun you built for me. It is everything I had hoped for and more. The wood is incredable.

It is an honor for me to own what I feel is a piece of history. To own a side by side of this beauty, qualitym and have it made in the tradition of the New England gunmakers.  I am a New Englander (from Maine), and am pleased that Connecticut Shotgun is making such a positive impact on the industry. Please thank those who were involved in building my gun.

-Dave Cobb

Thank You.

The shotgun is a thing of beauty. Kudos to your craftsmen.

-Alden Pierce

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