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A. Galazan double Shotguns for Sale
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Latest Customer Testimonial

I just returned from a couple of weeks on some of the lovilest grouse moors in the North of England. The late season birds were sizzling. Thank you for the splendid pair of A-10's which performed much better than their owner. The double triggered, Enlgish stocked pair drew a lot of attentuon from lairds and loaders alike for the reliability, handeling, performance and looks. My guns weren't as ornate as some of the titanium Italian models that cost exponentially more, but more than one owner of a pair of London best asked to swap guns with me for a drive or two. For their reaction, I expect you will be hearing from them directly. Thanks for the handsome and workmanlike guns that are a pleasure to shoot and own

- Dave Goodman

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#27018 - Flli. Bertuzzi - Best Sidelock 12ga., $32,500.00

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A-10 American Over & Under Double Barrel Shotguns
Built to Order starting at $7,850

RBL Double Rifled Sabot Slug Gun

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Current Featured Guns:

Inverness Round Body Over & Under, 20 gauge

RBL .410
RBL Baby Frame .410
A-10 American Sporting
A-10 American Sporting Clay
"The Hammer"

#27747 - Robert Schrader - Drilling, 12ga./12ga./.32-40cal $6,999.00

#28158 - P. Beretta - 686 Silver Pigeon I, 12ga., $1,998.00

#16334 - RBL 12 - Reserve, 12ga., $4,920.00

#26525 - Browning - Grade 1 Lightning, 12ga., $1,499.00